Terms and Conditions


The purchase of any travel services offered by Leap Travel and Tours constitutes a contractual arrangement between you and Leap Travel and Tours, and represents your acceptance of the company’s terms & conditions below. You are advised to read carefully and understand these Terms & Conditions prior to booking. Note that these applies to all bookings arranged by Leap Travel and Tours, who is acting as your official agents on behalf of all the suppliers of services required for your trip (airlines, tour and cruise operators, hotel accommodation provider and the like).

The Terms and Conditions set governs your relationship with Leap Travel and Tours. The person making the booking must also be at least of legal age and must be authorized to make the booking in behalf of the all members of the party.

Product Purchase:

  • A non-refundable and non-transferable full payment (via cash, checks, and credit cards) of the total package is required for Leap Travel and Tours to process the reservation for you. Your booking is not confirmed and payment is not deemed made until the payment is received by Leap Travel and Tours and you receive a statement invoice. Your reservation will likewise be automatically cancelled if the payment required is not received within the specified period. Leap Travel and Tours reserves the right to apply cancellation charges if necessary.
  • All package rates are based on rates known at the time of publication or release of statement invoice and expected to be in effect at the time of travel.
  • Leap Travel and Tours strictly practices a “NO HIDDEN CHARGES” policy with exception to a) Philippine Travel Tax and Terminal Fee that will be paid in the airport b) Environmental fee in selected destinations i.e. Palawan.
  • Once the account invoice is given, please review thoroughly. Leap Travel and Tours is not responsible for incorrect passenger information provided by clients such as names, date of birth and the like.
  • In the case of billing errors Leap Travel and Tours reserves the right to re-invoice you with the correct pricing.

Air Arrangements:

  • All carriers are independent operators and are not owned, managed or operated by Leap Travel and Tours. The company is not liable for any changes, disruptions, cancellations, etc. concerning the air services you availed. However, Leap Travel and Tours will make every attempt to notify the customer of any schedule changes. We advise that you also contact the airline for reconfirmation of your flight 24 to 72 hours before departure.
  • In lieu, no refunds will be provided by Leap Travel and Tours. for portions of trips missed due to cancelled, rescheduled or delayed flights or if passenger is not permitted by the Immigration Consulate (for international travels) to travel after airport check-in, nor is Leap Travel and Tours responsible for any additional expenses you may incur prior to joining your trip if you miss your departure flight or flight connection.
  • All airfares are subject to taxes and charges imposed by both government and airline carriers; in addition global fuel costs are constantly increasing. Airlines pass on the increase in taxes and fuel surcharges without notice and whilst we will advise you of these charges in advance, Leap Travel and Tours reserves the right to pass on fuel and tax increases, levied by airlines, without notice.
  • Origin and destination cities for any Leap Travel and Tours Package Tour cannot be changed once finalized. Hotels/Accommodation Arrangements:
  • The hotel partners of Leap Travel and Tours. are intended to be used on all departures; however the availability of rooms are not always guaranteed, in that event, Leap Travel and Tours reserves the right to substitute other hotels than those listed on the itinerary pages. The hotel substituted will be of equivalent or higher quality, when available, to those shown. No refunds are provided for hotel changes; full cancellation penalties may apply.
  • Some hotels may require security deposits which will be collected by the Hotel upon check-in but is refundable upon check out and after room inspection.
  • Please note that check-in times vary worldwide; Leap Travel and Tours cannot control or guarantee check-in times.
  • You are sole responsible for any incidental charges at the hotel i.e. ordered food internet access fee, service fee by the hotel on your requested activity.

Travel Itinerary:

  • Itineraries are always subject to change without prior notice which may be brought about by unavoidable incident, government mandated changes, bad weather conditions, flight changes, and the like. Leap Travel and Tours is not responsible for any last minute itinerary change/revision made by the tour operator for whatever reason they may have.
  • In any event that may arise, i.e Tour Operator cancelling a part of your Travel Package in whatever reason they may have, Leap Travel and Tours at your request, will try to obtain alternative arrangements.
  • Note that tours are conducted based on group arrangements thus specified time of pick-up/drop-off is strictly observed and delays may be experienced unless stated otherwise.

Travel Documents:

  • Passenger Travel Documents (e-ticket, itineraries, vouchers) are sent through email or pick-up provided once full invoice payment has been received. Other documents needed for travel, should be on own arrangement. Other bookings made by Leap Travel and Tours are on hard blockings basis meaning the tickets are not released on time until slots are fully taken by the passengers.
  • For expectant mothers or pregnant women, please advise Leap Travel and Tours as there are specific rules for pregnancy of 24 weeks to below 34 weeks (secure a Fit-to-Travel clearance from the OB Gyne and need to fill-up the special handling form upon check-in). The airline does not accept the carriage of expectant mothers with age of gestation 34 weeks and beyond.
  • Travelers with medical condition, persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility need to secure a fit-to-travel from attending physician and at least have an able person to accompany for travel.
  • Minors (below 18 years of age) must request permit to travel to Department of Social Welfare & Development if both legal parents do not accompany them during the trip that was availed from Leap Travel and Tours.
  • Government employees must secure travel order. Leap Travel and Tours will not be liable for any cancellations or reschedule of flights made by the airline or the operator that may affect the travel order of the client.
  • Passport must be valid 6 months prior to travel. Leap Travel and Tours is not liable for any missed look expiration of passport of clients. International Travel
  • You are solely responsible for obtaining and paying for all visas and entry documents, for meeting all health and other requirements, and for any documents required by the countries you will visit.
  • For Visa processing handled by Leap Travel and Tours, our main responsibility is to assist but have no role whatsoever in the assessment of a visa application, which is the sole prerogative of the Visa Section of whichever Embassy the Visa is applied for. The company cannot guarantee instant approval for it depends on your financial capability, credit history and the like and will not in any manner be liable or responsible for any delay in the processing or rejection of any visa applications, once the documents have been delivered for processing.
  • Leap Travel and Tours is strictly implementing selling of Round Trip Tickets.


  • Every client of Leap Travel and Tours has the right to request refund if the airline or operator make some changes on schedules, such as cancellation or reschedule of the trip due to unavoidable circumstances. The usual refund process may take from 45 to 60 business days and it may vary due to the refund will be process by the airlines or the operators. In some cases, it may take longer than it was expected. Leap Travel and Tours only serves as the mediator of the two parties. Hence, assisting clients to get refunds.

Other Fees:

  • Mandatory tipping fees, gratuities, souvenir fees, and other tour associated fees are not included on the packages sold to you by Leap Travel and Tours. We are not liable for any extra collected fees during the tour. Leap Travel and Tours however will advise clients regarding the necessary fees to be collected during the trip.

Authorized Communication

  • Check the Contact Us Page for the official mobile, landline and email address of Leap Travel and Tours to avoid unauthorized transactions.
  • All tickets/vouchers issued by Leap Travel and Tours are accurate. Always rely on what is written on your ticket or voucher.
  • By approving your transaction, you are authorizing Leap Travel and Tours to send you communication in a form of SMS, email , electronic and paper communication. This is strictly for business purpose and special offers.

Privacy Policy:

  • Data that is collected on this website is usually not personally identifiable information, and will never be shared with anyone outside of Leap Travel and Tours without your written consent.
  • Photographs or Pictures:
    • After your vacation, Leap Travel and Tours may request for group picture and with the traveler’s consent, Leap Travel and Tours serves the right to post such pictures in the company’s website or any official social media account.